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Astrology is a sacred science, which is the study of the influence of planets on individuals, with its origins in India. Being practiced now for the past 5000 years,horoscopes play an integral role in giving us an insight on the way we can discover our inner talents, our hurdles, and the journey we are destined to take. It is a beautiful blend of ancient knowledge put into use as we live our lives each day. It can give a holistic approach about many of the choices we make regarding education, marriage, work, children, health, and wealth. To get an individual horoscope reading done, visit the “Consultations” page to find out more. What you will find here, is a specialized astrology report with a detailed study about yourself.


My name is Prarthana Liano. I’m a 26 year old Astrologer, Fashion Blogger, Architect, and Podcaster. I was born and raised in the beautiful country of India and I am currently living in Seattle, United States. I launched PRASTRO in 2016, providing consultations and courses for aspiring astrologers. Launched in 2016, over the last 5 years, I have had the opportunity to read hundred's of horoscopes and hopefully yours will be next. Astrology is a ray of light on a dark path, and my end goal is to guide you to unlock your best potential!


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Astrology is not a proven science and an exact method of determining everything in your life. It is simply a prediction that one may or may not accept through his/her conscience. There is nothing concrete or definite about astrology and nothing can be predicted to an exact 100%. The reason being no astrologer in the world can predict a 100% truth. It is a spiritual science and can only be understood at an intuitive level. Never rely 100% on an astrologer for answers. I retain rights to chose or refuse my consultation to those I deal with in my service. All predictions are based on the data given by the client.

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